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Gains in length are also reported and this is probably due to the pulling-nature of jelq. 3. Jelqing gives men stronger and harder erection.

The amount of time you should jelq in a day is around 20 to 25 minutes.If you want to add mass and see dramatic strength gains quickly, this is the product for you.For the proper length gain, jelq with not fully erect penis but only 50-65% erect.This results in quicker enlargement gains when compared to existing penis extenders.Jelqing at low erection levels is basically just tugging on your organ over and over again, which sure, maybe will get you some length gains over a long period of time.

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Jelqing Exercise: Quick Guide Jelqing Routine During your first month, it is recommended that you jelq two to three times a week.

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Many men learn jelqing from random articles online, and while that can be helpful, it can also hinder your goals and gains.For maximum girth enhancement, perform the jelqing technique on 85% hard penis. Results. Usually, it takes about 5-7 months till you gain a half to one inch from jelqing.

Also learn proper technique, erection level, penis angle, lubricants, grip, and posture.

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This provides sufficient warm-up for the penis and allows you to gain maximum benefits from the device.For a complete guide to jelqing properly, we recommend PE advantage.

Yea, it sounds harmful, but if done correctly youll be alright.

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It pushes blood into the copora cavernosa part of the penis to cause it to expand more outward for girth gains.